Tindra™ is the perfect mood enchanter for any occasion, come rain or shine. There is always an occasion when you can use our simple yet beautiful candle bags and take our word for it; they will embellish any home or garden. Simplicity, minimalism, function and of course beauty are key elements in our tindra™ design. The candle bags are made of fire retardant craft paper and are biodegradable. We at tindra endeavor to be the best and take pride in creating our product in factories where people are fundamental, treated well and our factories are maintained according to regulation. We strive to be good to the environment and are always looking for ideas to do more. Tindra™ uses only the best quality for its products. Our products have appropriate certificates to ensure they are safe to use. Marie MacDowall creator of Tindra™ says this when asked what inspired her to develop this product:
“I am of course inspired by my 16 years in Asia, but I wanted to design something with a Scandinavian touch. The love and magic of paper and its combination with fire have resulted in a contemporary collection of paper products. Furthermore as demand has grown we now have many different decorative items. It seems there is a product for everyone. We say there is always a reason!”
We hope that our website will open your eyes to the world of Tindra™ and that you love it as much as we do! Continue to read below for a brief describtion on our various ranges.

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